Video maker, scout leader and great friend has to leave for Israel. An adventure, a strong desire for discovery and to discover himself and of course, he has to do his civil service period. He is going to work with disabled teenagers for 10 months in a kibbutz in Megiddo. Wouldn’t any adventurer worthy of this name want to keep a travel journal where he can note down all the events, the misfortunes and the discoveries?

Menu a prova di gatto

Cat-proof menu

He calls me, “ Hi there, I would like to have the menu bar with a thread of wool connecting the charms so that it forms a ball of wool“.

Gallery da fotografo

Photographer's gallery

Besides the fact that the gallery had to be suitable for a crazy videomaker like him, it also had to be as efficient as possible to allow the smart view of what he calls “artwork”.

La doppia personalità

Split personality

I send him an email stating that I need a text to put on the right of his description, after 10 minutes I get the description of his reversed personality.

The site

The site was published on 10-03-2017.