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Gianluca, 40 years old, father of 2, he has always been a passionate cyclist. He wasn’t happy with his job in the factory, he didn’t have time to spend with his sons and he was ruining his life. The turning point ? Opening a bike workshop.


What better spot?

What encourages the father of a family to get out of bed in the morning? His kids? His wife? The satisfaction of having succeeded in accomplishing his dream, his own business, and being able to do every day what used to be a hobby.

Consigli preziosi

Valuable advice

There’s no one better than a trusted cyclist to solve your bike problems and if he regularly publishes information and “advice for a good biking” wouldn’t it be really useful?

Cara gioventù

Biking as a lifestyle

“I’m so enthusiastic when kids start to learn to cycle, I’m really excited when I see cycling championships and I feel so useful when I fix a bike and give it back to a person who uses it as a means of transport”

The site

The site was published on 03-11-2016.